Informative details about the Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program that contains eating guides, workout manuals, community membership and other bonuses. This program was developed by John Barban who is an expert in nutrition and weight loss. The program is based on how women bodies react to various weight loss methods and efforts. From this knowledge the program has been designed to be used mostly by women who would like to lose excess weight in a convenient manner and in a permanent basis.

This program gives details on the food to eat and the exercises to engage in for a period of 12 weeks. By the end of this period people who applying this program are usually able to successfully lose the excess weight. The 12 weeks are fragmented into three phases with each phase directed towards losing weight in particular parts of the body. These phases usually have different kinds of exercises with people on this program also being advised on the most appropriate type of foods to use. As a result, by the end of the 12th week people on this program are able to lose weight in diverse parts of the body consequently leading to comprehensive weight loss.

before after picIn the 12 weeks that people are on this diet they do not crave for foods which are known to cause weight gain. Instead, people on the program are able to eat the meals that are recommended by the program and hence be able to lose weight faster. The program has ensured that users can eat almost all their favorite meals since it provides a variety of 80 different meal plans which are contained in just one book.

The exercises in the venus factor are intense and they involve weight lifting. This is meant to also build muscles besides losing weight therefore giving users of the program attractive bodies. However, these exercises are easy to follow and therefore many people do not struggle understanding which exercise to do at what time. The exercises also do not require expensive equipments since some of them are even natural where they can be implemented without any equipment. This makes the program affordable and simple to be implemented by almost anyone.

This program also comes with detailed and easy to understand explanation of what to do over the 12 weeks. These explanations are in a simple language without the sophisticated words which can be hard to comprehend for many ordinary people. Furthermore, there is also the Venus immersion which gives user of this program access to community of compatible people who provide coaching tips. There are also 143 coaching lessons which are in form of videos with workout techniques to enhance weight loss. Users of the program also get actual virtual nutritionist who provides advice on the precise foods to end during the 12 weeks that one is on the program. These advice and access to communities provide people on this program with well researched information on the right ways to lose weight effectively without having to starve or spend numerous hours working out.

This program is available as a software where people with weight problems can readily acquire it. The software contains all the outlined resources and therefore people can acquire and implement it at the comfort of their homes. All what one needs is to acquire it from a reliable online seller. Therefore, this program is a convenient and effective way of losing the unwanted fat.

How to Cut Fat and gain Muscle

One of the hardest challenges for body builders is to build muscles while cutting body fat. Too often shaving of the fat has the undesired result of trimming down muscle mass. A lot of conflicting ideas and theories have been put forward, such as the somanabolic muscle maximizer system, each of which purports to help in muscle building while cutting down the fat. This article tackles this problem, and outlines the best way to achieve optimal muscle mass, and keeping fat levels to an absolute minimum.



Most body builders accept the fact that they have to pay constant attention to their diet. Nutrients from food helps develop muscles, but at the same time, they add to our body’s fat content. Due to this, many people avoid foods with high-fat content in the hopes of keeping their body fat at a minimum. However, this strategy rarely helps cut down body fat. The fact is, our bodies gain fat from a variety of foods. For example, a body builder may stick to a diet high on carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, shunning fatty foods. However, the bbody-builderrealizes this diet does little to cut down his body fat. The reason for this is simple- food not used up by the body is stored, in the form of fat. So all those extra proteins and carbohydrates not burned up during the day are deposited in the body as fat.

To avoid this, you should know your body’s energy requirements on a typical day. Knowing the number of calories, your body needs is crucial if you are looking to reduce body fat through dieting. There are many online as well as offline resources that help you calculate calorie requirements. For example, most calorie calculators assist in determining the exact number of calories you require, as well as suggesting foods that will help you meet this requirement. If you know the amount of calories your body requires, you will avoid extra calories in your body, thereby cutting down on body fat.

Work Out Regimen

To build solid muscle, a constant exercise routine must be established. This routine is especially important during the fat loss phase of bodybuilding. For instance, f you have a weight lifting routine, you want to increase the number of reps and switch to lighter weights. The principle here is to build up lactic acid in your muscles, which in turn burns up excess body fat. Additionally, increasing the number of reps also increases the cardio portion of the workout which in turn extra body fat. As an added benefit, the more reps you do, the more you stretch your muscles which help muscle definition.


There are supplements available to help in muscle definition as well as fat loss. If you want to sculpt your muscles, and burn off excess fat, a supplement exists to help you. The same goes for persons looking to gain muscle tone. These supplements, although sold over the counter should be taken with professional instructions. Always consult your local gym instructor before taking on supplements to ensure they do compliment your workout regimen.

What do we know about diabetes?

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus is a collection of metabolic diseases whereby the person has high blood glucose or sugar levels. This might result when insufficient insulin is produced or the body cells are not responding properly to insulin. Glucose is vital in the body for energy production, vital in the functioning of the brain. However, too much glucose is harmful and results into diabetes. There are products such as the Diabetes Protocol program available to counter its effects.


  • Frequent urination.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • numbness or tingling in feet or hands.
  • More infections than usual.
  • Dry skin.
  • Sores that are too slow to heal.
  • Rapid vision changes
  • Extreme hunger.
  • Excessive thirst.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Feeling tired often with no much work.


Chronic diabetes is when the glucose level is completely high and chances of reversal or healing are minimal. They are of two kinds.

Type 1; this when the body does not produce insulin. It’s also called juvenile, insulin dependent diabetes or early on-set diabetes. This is common among people with less than 40 yrs. and develops in teenage or early adulthood years. Patients with type 1 diabetes end up taking insulin injections for the rest of their life time.

Type 2; this when the body does not produce enough insulin or the cell are not reacting, they are resistant to insulin. This symptoms are controllable by maintaining a healthy diet, losing weight, monitoring your glucose level and doing plenty of exercise. Diabetes type two is a progressive disease and gets worse if not properly monitored, thus the patient ends up taking insulin tablets for the rest of their life time.

Potentially reversible diabetics are conditions when the blood glucose levels are higher than normal but can be easily reversed. They are of two kinds;

Prediabetes; this when the blood sugars of an individual are higher than normal but not extreme to be classified as diabetes. This can be reversible by maintaining healthy eating habits and regular exercise. However, not always is this condition reversible, since in some case some damage in the circulatory system and heart might have already occurred.


This is common to women during pregnancy. This results when the body has high levels of glucose and the body is unable to produce enough insulin to transport all glucose to their cells, leading to progressive rise in glucose levels.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, you need to be cautious on what you diet. Many processed foods are the sole causes of diabetic diseases. Focus on healthy eating habits to avoid overweight and do plenty of exercise regularly to burn fat.

Training During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is very important for her to keep the body healthy by doing some simple exercise and eating a healthy pregnancy diet. Also, it is important for her as an expectant mother to avoid things like drinking alcohol and smoking since the unborn baby might be harmed by these substances.

However, you should realize how your body needs a specific care during this pregnancy miracle period. Strength training is very important for you as an expectant mother. Therefore, you should go for strength training since it is safer and is one of the best ways to minimize pains and aches. Weight machines are most suitable especially for gym newbies because they regulate the motion range since your joints are loose and it is very easy to move outside the normal range.

pregnancy training

When training, make sure you choose a weight that will allow you to perform the repetitions comfortably and properly. Do 8 to 12 reps in 1 or 2 sets for each. Notably, when your first trimester is gone, you should avoid doing exercise while lying on your back.

During this time, you might notice your breasts are getting bigger hence making your shoulders round forward. However, you should train with the best machines such as lat pulldown and a seated cable row since these machines will help in strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades which help in counteracting the slump.

Chest training is very important to you since it creates muscle balance in your upper body. Therefore, ensure you go for the best machines such as seated chest-press so as you does not injure yourself. Also, train your lower body since your hamstrings and quadriceps bear the weight of your unborn child as the belly grows. Ensure you train your lower body with the right machines such as seated leg-curl and leg extension.

However, it is always a good idea for you to check in your doctor first before training in order to make sure it is safe for you to go for a regular workout. Also, it is advisable you consult a trainer who is professional so as to check if any changes can be made since you are an expectant mother. You can ask the trainer to review your training technique even if you have been lifting the weights for a while. The trainer may spot some errors which you are not aware of hence helping you with your training.

Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance

The temptation is really strong, the circumstances seem right, and you’re torn between getting back with your ex lover and moving on. Many people have done it having reading the text your ex back reviews and implementing the system. While letting everything go might seem the right step, you may want to consider giving just one more try in the hope that things turnout better. Here are some reasons why you should give your ex another chance.

man arguing with his ex girlfriend

  1. If the break up was an impulsive decision

Sometimes great relationships end for rash reasons such as simple arguments . If your break up was the result of some problem that doesn’t span the whole relationship, then you should seriously consider getting back together. You can then try to work on that problem together.

  1. Things feel unfinished

Another reason to consider giving your ex another chance is if you have the feeling that the relationship wasn’t over. Maybe you feel like there are certain things left to be said or done, like in a movie that abruptly cuts off, leaving the story half finished. If this is the case for you, then you may consider starting the relationship once more to “finish up” what was left “unfinished”.

  1. You caused the break up

If you’re the one responsible for the break up but still have feelings for your ex, you can consider going back to your ex. You impulsively broke the relationship off or had some case of cold feet, commitment issues or some other “plans” that didn’t include your partner. But now you’ve realized the mistake and are honest about getting your ex back. You suddenly feel like you’d have a beautiful relationship with them and that the breakup was just the result of a paranoid freak-out which you wish you avoided.

  1. You’ve never enjoyed sex like then

Probably after the break up you’ve slept with hundreds and hundreds of other people, but you feel no one has come close to what they did. Yes you might have had much more interesting, technically “better” sex but you were never able to recreate the same connection that caused that great feeling underneath your skin. Moreover, you worry that you might never truly want someone else again, or feel truly wanted.

  1. They want to try too

If your ex shows a real and honest interest in getting back with you and having a relationship, you should consider reciprocating the move. Chances are that they’ve thought things out and have realized their mistake (s) that led to the break up. Moreover, they might have become more mature and are serious about giving a try.